Special P/M Parts

Towanda Metadyne manufactures special parts based on customer specifications. To be certain expectations are met, it is important to define the part geometry, tolerances and acceptable properties. The checklist below is a guide to supplying the required information:

1.    Print, sketch or diagram

2.    Include the following information on the print:

a.     Print Number

b.    Description

c.     Revision Number

d.    Identify the material type including carbide grain size, cobalt percentage and alloy components, or

select the Towanda Metadyne grade from our list of standard types.

e.    Part Dimensions and associated Tolerances.

3.    Define the physical properties (Hardness, Density, TRS, etc).

4.    Required quantities based on an expected yearly basis and typical release/order volume.

5.    Required delivery lead-time.