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Metadyne Inc., originally located in Elmira, New York,  was established in 1984.  During the first few years of operation, the company devoted the majority of its efforts to the Research and Development of advanced tungsten and molybdenum alloys.  By the early 1990's Metadyne had expanded is product offering to include tungsten carbide and began to specialize in wear and mining applications. In 1995 Metadyne outgrew its Elmira operation and moved to a newly constructed facility in Towanda, PA thus forming Towanda Metadyne, Inc. The new plant not only expanded the press and sinter capacity but also added zinc reclaim and spray-drying capabilities. Towanda Metadyne continued moderate growth over the next twenty years, and then in 2015 the company doubled in size through two major investments. It constructed a new state-of-the-art tungsten carbide reclamation facility, which positioned the company to be the largest processor in the US. Secondly, a new division was formed with the acquisition of a Gulfport, Mississippi plant that had been a leader in the tungsten carbide rod business for over 30 years. Metadyne Gulfport LLC expanded the company's production capability and distribution footprint.  The corporate headquarters for the family of companies resides at the Towanda location.

Company Profile

The Metadyne group of companies are manufacturers of precision P/M parts specializing in cemented tungsten carbide, tungsten alloys and molybdenum products.  As a leader in the innovative processing of Tungsten Carbide powders, we have developed cost effective solutions that allow us to provide our customers with high quality, competitively priced products. Industries served include:  mining, oil/gas drilling, construction, lumber, woodworking, general wear and metal cutting/removal.

Towanda Metadyne has refined the zinc reclaim process to produce high purity powders with excellent particle size characteristics.  We use both virgin materials and reclaim blends to produce a wide range of tungsten carbide grade powders with a carbo-waxed or paraffin binder system. Advances in powder processing, pressing, and sintering have allowed our company to compete in a very aggressive market.

Towanda Metadyne and Metadyne Gulfport are well positioned to work with our customers in developing new grades of ready-to-press powders, finished components or other general research items.

Flexibility and versatility, two words not commonly associated with manufacturing companies, are the foundational keys to our success.