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Towanda Metadyne Inc. collects both hard-scrap (solid carbide compacts, inserts, bits, etc.) and soft-scrap (powders, sludge, filters, etc.) to be recycled into virgin and reclaimed powders.  The hard-scrap is recycled by using the zinc reclaim process – an environmentally friendly method to convert tungsten bearing parts into powders that can be used to make new products. By developing this in-house capability Towanda Metadyne has established a reliable and cost effective raw material source for some products and applications. The process begins with the selection and sorting of Tungsten Carbide Hard Scrap to eliminate any contaminates that maybe present, processing the material in our custom-made reclaim furnaces, and then fragmenting the product into micron size particulates. The fragments are then further crushed and classified into the proper size for blending into spray-dry powder formulations.